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“Witches of America”: Sitting at the Cool Kids’ Table

I finally read Alex Mar’s Witches of America, and it is better than I thought, based on some of the reviews that I had seen, like this piece of negativity, for example: “[a] sordidly pornographic and self-aggrandising narrative” or this one: “extremely judgmental,” or the Complete Hurt Feelings Wrap-up here. First, this is not a […]

Hoodoo and the Lost City

M. and I watched The Skeleton Key, a middling thriller starring Kate Hudson. It’s the usual “Don’t go up those stairs! Don’t open that door!” sort of plot, but what gives it its twist–more than the conjured Hoodoo atmosphere that the movie tries to evoke and the echoes of Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby–is the […]