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Protest-Site Paganism

“A Life in the Woods: Protest-Site Paganism” is an essay by Adrian Harris. Dusk is falling as I get off the bus but within 10 minutes I find myself walking down the rough path towards the camp. A voice hollers out a “Hello!” from the bank above me. “Hi! It’s Adrian – I phoned the […]

The Wanton Green—Both Book and Blog

Adrian Harris describes a new Pagans-and-place publishing project, The Wanton Green. For many contemporary Pagans the relationship between bodymind and place is fundamental, but that relationship has rarely been explored in any depth. Paganism is often described as being polytheistic, animist or about ‘nature worship’, and while that’s all true in a vague and anodyne way, it’s of limited value. Follow the […]

Why Did I Agree to Do this Workshop?

I have spent much of today being nervous about the weather (warm, dry, windy) while yet working on a workshop presentation on nature religion. Nature is making me nervous. Ironic, eh? Even though M. and I have been back in our house for a week, we are still jumpy. After all, lightning season has not […]

This is Civic Nature Religion

Deep in Mother Earth, an important ritual takes place. Don’t tell the wrong people that we might count it as “nature religion.”

Were the Gods Angry with Japan?

Adrian Ivakhiv blogs on religious responses to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. All of this resonates with an immanence-based process-relational perspective: nature does what it does, it includes the “good” and the “bad” (which are relative to their perceivers), we are part of it and sometimes we get struck down in it. (Careful readers will […]

P.E.I. Bonewits 1949-2010

All around the Pagan blogosphere, tributes are being written today for Isaac Bonewits, who died today. Here is a chronology of his life and tribute by Ian Corrigan. I can add only that he was one of the most prolific and visible figures of the Pagan revival from the 1970s forward. As a student, he […]

Thinking about ‘Nature Religion’ in the Snow

I spent about an hour today on the snow shovel after fifteen inches fell yesterday, laughing a bitter and sardonic laugh at people who associate flowers and bunny wabbits with the spring equinox. (At least the Sun is stronger now than in midwinter.) Today’s preoccupation is the talk that I have to give tomorrow on […]

Talking to UUs about Nature Religion

I am busy working up a talk on “nature religion” to give to a Unitarian Universalist congregation on Sunday. Hey, it’s a change: bring in the Pagan speaker at Ostara instead of Samhain. On the other hand, they did originally try to get me at Samhain, but someone messed up the scheduling. This is better, […]

Contemporary Pagans: Indigenous or Not?

A kerfuffle over who said what about which flavors of Paganism at the just-concluded Parliament of the World’s Religions is summarized over at The Wild Hunt. This year’s parliament in Melbourne listed “Reconciling with the Indigenous Peoples” as one of its key topics. Some contemporary Pagans have been playing the “indigenous card” since the 1970s, […]

2nd (or 3rd) Generation Pagan on a Backhoe

High Country News reports on a woman with interesting roots doing environmental restoration in the Pacific Northwest. Erion grew up in a dying timber town outside Portland, where her father logged Mount Hood’s forests and taught her to run the heavy rigs she now uses to decommission his old logging roads. He was the type […]