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Francis of Assisi: From Radical Monk to Garden Ornament

The real-estate supplement of the Taos News this week carried an article titled “Five Must-Haves for a Beautiful Backyard.” Oddly enough, four of the five items* were available at the store owned by a person interviewed for the story. “Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals, is one of our most popular statues,” […]

Comet ISON Is Coming

Here is something to look forward to — a very bright comet due later this year. (Corrected–thanks, Medeine.)

The Historical Jesus and the Grizzly Bears

When it comes to who Jesus of Nazareth was, I tend to think that there is somebody behind the stories, a real person, not, for example, a mushroom. (Although that would make for great video.) As Craig Keener argues in this column, it remains the simplest explanation at its counter-intuitive core: Scholars’ confidence [in the […]

I Just Want to Disappear

. . . into the autumn woods.

Were the Gods Angry with Japan?

Adrian Ivakhiv blogs on religious responses to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. All of this resonates with an immanence-based process-relational perspective: nature does what it does, it includes the “good” and the “bad” (which are relative to their perceivers), we are part of it and sometimes we get struck down in it. (Careful readers will […]

You May Think that You Have a ‘Self’

But maybe you are just the talking part of a large collection of bacteria. We continue to be colonized every day of our lives. “Surrounding us and infusing us is this cloud of microbes,” said Jeffrey Gordon of Washington University. We end up with different species, but those species generally carry out the same essential […]

Gallimaufry with Grosbeaks

If it’s Beltane, why I am still splitting firewood? Usually I observe the rhythms of the “Celtic” year by turning off the furnace at Beltane and relighting it at Samhain, using just supplemental wood heat otherwise. Not this year. But during a brief sunny interval yesterday morning, the first black-headed grosbeak of the season landed […]

Thinking about ‘Nature Religion’ in the Snow

I spent about an hour today on the snow shovel after fifteen inches fell yesterday, laughing a bitter and sardonic laugh at people who associate flowers and bunny wabbits with the spring equinox. (At least the Sun is stronger now than in midwinter.) Today’s preoccupation is the talk that I have to give tomorrow on […]

Deep Snow, Deep Winter

I spent the last three days camping with friends up on the Arapaho National Forest. I have done a little deep-winter camping before, but never before on skis with a sled. I learned that my sleeping bag is not really warm enough for -18 F. (-27 C.) nights. Must remedy that. Even after that short […]

Dark of the Moon

I tend to get into some bad places psychologically when it’s the dark of the Moon and work is not going well. “No one respects me, no one pays any attention to what I say”—that sort of thing. The best cure is to take a dog (who may or may not pay any attention but […]