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Something So Ordinary That It Was Lost

I left for the Heartland Pagan Festival at the new Moon, and the first time that I noted the crescent was Saturday night, as the Moon rose over the Pavilion where Tuatha Dea was playing. So I made my usual gesture, which is just blowing a kiss to Her. But there used to be a […]

New Moon, Pine Tree

Some months I am so relieved to see the New Moon, and this is one of them.

Sky Full of Saucers

I watched Iron Sky last night — and then this: Must be a meme here somewhere. You can crowd-fund the sequel to Iron Sky.  This is all part of my appreciation of homegrown Finnish films — they are rare exports.

The Eclipse is Coming!

Viewing of the December 10th lunar eclipse in North America is not perfect, but it will still be viewable—here are the specifics. I will never forget the first one I saw as a boy, so  get the kids outdoors to see it, if you can.