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The Little Fire God Went Running

The opening paragraph of the novel that made me a Tony Hillerman fan: Shulawitsi, the Little Fire God, member of the Council of the Gods and Deputy to the Sun, had taped his track shoes to his feet. He had wound the tape as Coach had taught him, tight over the arch of the foot. […]

Literary British Paganism and an Unusual Thor’s Hammer

¶ Ethan Doyle White reviews Ronald Hutton’s Pagan Britain and Marion Gibson’s Imagining the Pagan Past (free PDF download). The first I have, but the second might actually be more valuable to anyone studying contemporary Paganism, for it looks not at “not at paganism [sic] itself, but instead explores how pagan deities – both native […]

There, That’s Done, Almost. Also John Cowper Powys

Where did the week go? It seems like setting up the AAR sessions — two solo for Contemporary Pagan Studies, two co-sponsored, and one “quad” (four sponsors) — that plus a little snow, some fire department maintenance work, and some chainsaw issues that don’t belong here totally exhausted all my psychic energy. Just need to […]

Vril: It’s the Secret

Before there was Robert Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land or The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, water-sharing, grokking, TANSTAAFL, and line marriage, there was Edward Bulwer-Lytton and The Coming Race, published in 1871. As Egil Asprem recently noted in a blog post titled “The (all too) secret history of Vril,” It is astonishing how much […]

Science Fiction and the Grieving Process

At io9, Lauren Davis writes about how science fiction helped her to deal with her grief at the sudden death of her younger brother. The podcasts were meant to be a distraction, like the wine or the VCDs of movies my mom had brought home from a trip to Asia that Colin had never gotten […]