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Normal for Glastonbury, Normal for Boulder

I love snarky local blogs. Unfortunately, the one for my little mountain county seems mostly devoted these days to attacking one county commissioner candidate, so I will spare you that. But thanks to a Facebook friend, I was introduced to Normal for Glastonbury, which contains such nuggets as these about the most esoteric town in […]

What Does It Mean?

Summoning the Eggplant Spirit

There are people who say that they communicate with plant spirits. There are people who make videos and upload them to YouTube. There are people who love a good joke. At least two of the three are represented here. (I do see a little kid who is having an interesting childhood.) Via Ultraculture

Someone Should Burn for This

Seen at the booth of a large, evangelically oriented Christian publisher at the American Academy of Religion–Society of Biblical Literature joint annual meeting. If anyone had made a bobblehead of John Calvin in 16th-century Geneva, JC would have had the maker burned, most likely. Martin Luther might have laughed, depending how much beer he had […]

Have You Accepted Pan?

The PC PC as Sacrificial Victim

Guidelines for the politically correct police constable who finds him- or herself in the Wicker Man. A Police Federation spokesman said: “During stressful situations there is a tendency to use hurtful or insensitive language, especially if you’re trapped in a massive, highly flammable corn dolly while an entire village gambols around it with lit branches […]

On Bringing back the Olympian Gods

This went around a couple of weeks ago, but  I never blogged it. Now I have. Here’s a short list of things we could do if we brought back the Greek gods: • Go to oracles. • Go on quests. • Fight monsters. • Challenge gods to contests. • Go to Hades and try to […]