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Traditional Polytheism Helps the Economy

Or why Amazon is selling cow-dung cakes in India: I learned that cow dung cakes can now be ordered on the Indian Amazon website. Out of curiosity, I ordered 6 pieces. It cost me 236 rupees, about $4. I called the local office of Amazon and spoke to Jaideep, who was very courteous and happy […]

Animal Sacrifice and ‘Hard’ Polytheism

There was some discussion last week at the American Academy of Religion annual meeting as to whether the Contemporary Pagan Studies Group should sponsor or co-sponsor a session devoted to issues surrounding animal sacrifice. Some voices in the Pagan world suggest that you are not really a “hard” polytheist (truly understanding the gods as independent […]

More Reflections on Doninger’s Hinduism Book

Like a lot of people, I was dismayed (to put it mildy) that Penguin India has pulled Wendy Doniger’s book The Hindus: An Alternative History from sale in that country. Indologist Koenraad Elst, no stranger to such controversies, explains some of the background on Indian law about religions here. Art. 295A was never the doing […]

“There is nothing phoney about him.”

If you can watch this documentary without laughing, I wonder why you are reading this blog. And yet . . . and yet  . . . it raises wonderful questions about the categories of “spiritual teacher” and “spirituality.” More.

The Purity, the Honesty . . .

Indian filmmaker decides to reinvent himself as a guru in America. It looks as though unexpected hilarity results. The only question is, does pretending to be a guru actually transform him into some sort of guru? “I fake so much, I forget who I was before.” Not available on Netflix yet, but I have it […]

Polytheism in the Marketplace

Going to buy puja supplies from an immigrant Hindu shopkeeper. Confusion ensues, but is resolved.

Giving Animal Sacrifice a Bad Name

You know that I am all for polytheism, and I say “All honor to Durga,” but isn’t this a bit much? The Los Angeles Times reports that more than 40,000 people, many of whom were inebriated, took their sacrificial goats to the Tildiha village temple in Bihar state to pray to the goddess Durga on […]