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The “Horse Boy” and the Shamans

If you saw the 2009  documentary The Horse Boy, about Rowan, the autistic boy who is helped somewhat by horseback riding and by Mongolian shamans, there is more to the story. (There is also a book, The Horse Boy: A Memoir of Healing, published in 2010.) Before it was released as a DVD, the local […]

Survey on Pagan Health

If you like taking surveys and want to help a Pagan anthropologist in her study of Pagan attitudes toward health care, start here.

The Positive Power of Poisons

Via Instapundit, a Popular Mechanics round up on medical possibilities of venoms and poisons. I can’t say that my 2006 rattlesnake bite had any positive physiological effects, but I can tell you that a sting from the little tan scorpions that we have in southern Colorado (same as this?) can have interesting effects on the […]

You May Think that You Have a ‘Self’

But maybe you are just the talking part of a large collection of bacteria. We continue to be colonized every day of our lives. “Surrounding us and infusing us is this cloud of microbes,” said Jeffrey Gordon of Washington University. We end up with different species, but those species generally carry out the same essential […]