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Assessing a New Book on Jesus’ Wife

I used to think that of course Jesus was married — what normal 1st-century small-town Jewish man would not be married? Answer: most of the Essenes, to name one group. The perennial interest in an actual bloodline of his descendents is periodically stoked by books like Holy Blood, Holy Grail, The Da Vinci Code, and […]

Pagan-Studies Scholars Tell Their Stories

The new double issue of The Pomegranate is something different. It contains two long papers, but the rest is devoted to a special section on scholarly autobiography conceived and edited by Doug Ezzy (U. of Tasmania). Doug visited Hardscrabble Creek in November 2014 and while holed up in the guest cabin, speed-reading my library, thought […]

Quick, Download this Paper Now

Israeli scholar of Paganism has published a paper on “Connecting British Wicca with Radical Feminism and Goddess Spirituality during the 1970s and 1980s: The Case Study of Monica Sjöö” in the Journal of Contemporary Religion. It is currently available as a free download. Here is the abstract: This article attempts to chart some of the […]

Missing Sekmet Statute Mystery Solved

When the statue from the Temple of Goddess Spirituality in southern Nevada disappeared last April, many Pagans wondered if it was a hate crime or what. “It was foolish kids doing foolish things,” said Candace Ross, temple priestess. Kids who freaked out and smashed the statue. But a new one is in place.

Peaceful Minoan Crete . . . Was Not

Bronze Age (Minoan) Crete is often portrayed as this peaceful place where people gathered flowers, danced, sang, and worshiped the Great Mother Goddess. Um, no, says an archaeologist from the University of Sheffield: “Their world was uncovered just over a century ago, and was deemed to be a largely peaceful society,” explained [Barry] Molloy. “In […]

A Goddess-Movement Video with Something Extra

First, although this is not directly about “the Goddess movement,” I want to point out the blogging that Aidan Kelly has been doing, particularly about the history of contemporary Paganism in America, at his Patheos blog, Including Paganism. Another resource is Dancing with Gaia, a video subtitled “Earth Energy, Sacred Sexuality, the Return of the […]

Some Recent Publications Available Online

Some recent publications in or related to Pagan Studies: • The first issue of Goddess Thealogy: An International Journal for the Study of the Divine Feminine is available for download (PDF, 3.17 MB) • Videos and PDF files of lectures from the “Demons in the Academy” session at the recent American Academy of Religion meeting […]

World Religions versus the Blue Bra Revolution

Washington Post writer Sally Quinn looks at photos of Egyptian soldiers beating an abaya-shrouded Muslim woman, and a light bulb goes on for her about major religions: Why would men, particularly under the guise of religious belief, want to keep women down? Because they understand that women’s sexuality is something that they cannot live without, […]

On Reading Merlin Stone for the First Time

Jason Pitzl-Waters posted a notice of the passing of Merlin Stone, “sculptor and art historian,” yes, but best known in my circles for her book When God Was a Woman, first published in 1978. I remember an “Oh wow” reaction on reading it when I was in my late twenties—already Wiccan, but still in that […]

Saddam’s Goddess Art

How does Saddam Hussein appear in a Pagan blog? Simple–he or one of his accomplices ripped off the art of Jonathon Bowser, who works with images of the feminine divine, to illustrate a novel published over the Iraqi dictator’s name and found in one of his presidential palaces.