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Pagans, Folklore, and Dogs

Click over to Pagans for Archaeology, where Yewtree interviews Australian Pagan scholar David Waldron, author of Shock! The Black Dog of Bungay: A Study in Local Folklore, about dogs, folklore, and the Pagan revival. I think a key issue for me was that transmission of symbols, images and ideas from the pagan past are very […]

Web Ouija

The Museum of Talking Boards is a online museum of Ouija boards and related items. And there is an online Ouija board too. Not the same as two 13-year-olds with a candle, though. (Pointy-hat tip to Pitch.)

Little Red Riding Hood is Older than You Think

The story of Little Red Riding Hood, usually dated to the 16th or 17th century, may be much older, says an anthropologist who studied multiple versions from around the world. Professor Jack Zipes, a retired professor of German at the University of Minnesota who is an expert on fairy tales and their origins, described [Dr. […]

The Fairies of Torchwood

I never joined the Doctor Who cult, although I had friends who remembered every episode and could debate whether Peter Davison made a better Doctor than William Hartnell. At a post-INATS dinner, however, a publisher friend said that I had to see Torchwood, a Doctor Who spin-off. He compared it to the X-Files. Netflix had […]

Gallimaufry with Bells On

¶ These women know how to dress for an outdoor festival. ¶ Jason links to articles and web sites for new, nontraditional Morris sides. I am not sure if I would call what they are doing “reclaiming” — nor do I know if Jason chose that word for its this-side-of-the-pond connotations. Any folk tradition changes […]

The Wee ‘Oss in Cornwall and California

Folklorist Alan Lomax’s 1953 film of the Padstow, Cornwall, May Day festival, Oss Oss, Wee Oss! is now available on DVD, together with the Pagan hobby horse procession from Berkeley, California, and an updated film from Padstow in 2007. Order before July 3 for free shipping. You can also see small video clips from the […]

Oss Oss, Wee Oss!

Several clips from a 1953 filming of the Padstow, Cornwall, May Day “hobby horse” procession are available on the Web. The film was made by Peter Kennedy, George Pickow, and Alan Lomax, an American folklorist. Some .wmv selections are here. But the best clip is here, especially for its slightly eerie, archetypal ending, which some […]