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Massive 2015 Year-End Link Dump! Something for Everyone!

Some of the links that I saved that never turned into blog posts . . . • The Internet loves quizes, so “What Kind of Witch Would You Be?” (answer: hearth witch). I always suspect that the answer is based on just one question, while the others are there just for fluff and decoration. • […]

Irish Druids Now Officially “Indigenous” — They Say

That is how the Celtic Druid Temple frames government recognition as an “official charity.” The Celtic Druid Temple is a full member of the World Druid Order and now has legal and formal recognition in Ireland as a religious charity with a CHY number 20684 issued by the Dept of Finance. I assume that is […]

Druid Sex Magic

Many things come to mind when I think of Druids, but sex magic is not one of them. Silly me. I did not know about “fundamentals of Celtic sex magic,” etc. Actually, Ronald Hutton was planning to put this in his next book, but now someone has beaten him to it.

On the Keeping of Pet Hermits and Druids

Some of the eighteenth-century hermits employed by rich landowners were in fact characterized as “Druids.” Campbell clearly had fun with his quest for real hermits. At Hawkstone in Shropshire, a bare-footed and venerable Fr Francis regularly posed with his stock-in-trade: a skull, an hourglass and book. Although replaced at times by an automaton, Hawkstone’s hermit […]

Stone Circles: Not Just for Neolithic People

“Andy Burnham, who runs the Megalithic Portal Web site and society in Surrey, England, has recorded 253 monolithic circles built in recent decades. And ‘there must be many more in private gardens that we don’t know about,’ he wrote in an e-mail.” The New York Times profiles a Vermont man who has built more than […]

Ring-Dancing Monkeys and Black Death Rubbish

At Got Medieval, Carl Pyrdrum re-debunks the persistent, authentic-sounding story that the nursery rhyme “Ring around the Rosies” has anything whatsoever to do with the Black Death of the 1340s. It does not. As any good English plague survivor********** could tell you, the plague was caused by sin and best warded off by extreme piety […]

Beards and Religiosity

Religion journalist Mark Oppenheimer begins a New York Times article on the religious significance of beards this way: Go ahead, picture a religious Jew. Now picture a Muslim cleric. Now an Amish farmer. What do they have in common? Beards. And not neatly trimmed beards, but, in the popular stereotype, long, unruly beards, which connote […]

Quick Review: Caesar’s Druids

I am a little more than halfway through Miranda Aldhouse-Green’s Caesar’s Druids: Story of An Ancient Priesthood. As the British archaeologist Stuart Piggott pointed out back in the 1960s, there are no texts written about Druids by Druids. The sum of what ancient writers of the Greco-Roman world wrote would fill a few typed sheets—and […]

Did Isaac Bonewits Influence You?

That is the question that William Seligman is asking (with permission) on his blog. If your Pagan practice and experience were influenced by Isaac, go visit and add your input.

Colorado Pagans and News Media Coverage

I noticed a couple of instances in the past month where Colorado Pagans seem to be getting fairer coverage in the news. One was the item about the Pagan Student Alliance at the University of Colorado-Boulder. (But as a former university professor, I have seen clubs come and go. Only clubs with strong support from […]