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Massive 2015 Year-End Link Dump! Something for Everyone!

Some of the links that I saved that never turned into blog posts . . . • The Internet loves quizes, so “What Kind of Witch Would You Be?” (answer: hearth witch). I always suspect that the answer is based on just one question, while the others are there just for fluff and decoration. • […]

UK Druids Restore Damaged Ley Lines

A major effort is underway: The council of British Druids have been working through the night to restore ley lines which have been damaged by recent storms. Many households have been without spiritual energy throughout the Yuletide holiday which has affected psychic connections in many parts of the country. A spokesman for the Druids commented; […]

Pagans Preparing for Collapse

Archdruid John Michael Greer and the Four Quarters Sanctuary figure in this article on “doom time religion.” Based on my limited experience, a strong religious emphasis might hold a communal group together. Otherwise, the people you need are not always the ones who want to live in the commune. The hard workers don’t want to […]

Falling Stars

Last night after walking the dogs I spread an old blanket on the ground and lay watching the stars. The Perseid meteor shower is under way, and in 15 minutes I saw five meteors. One was just a blip of light, two were quick, and two left long streaks. I had felt emotionally low all […]

P.E.I. Bonewits 1949-2010

All around the Pagan blogosphere, tributes are being written today for Isaac Bonewits, who died today. Here is a chronology of his life and tribute by Ian Corrigan. I can add only that he was one of the most prolific and visible figures of the Pagan revival from the 1970s forward. As a student, he […]

Review: Living with Honour: A Pagan Ethics

Emma Restall Orr is one of the leading figures of British Druidry, and her book Living With Honour: A Pagan Ethics may be seen as an attempt for formalize the vaguely expressed ethical precepts (“If it harm none,” etc.) that characterize contemporary Paganism(s). Orr herself admits that “Paganism can appear fragmented ” but that its […]

Book Posts in the Works

I am spread a little thin these days, and the below-zero (F.) weather the last few days threw some complications my way too. Two book reviews are in the works. Here are the previews: • Stewart Farrar: Writer On A Broomstick, The Biography of Stewart Farrar by Elizabeth Guerra. Workmanlike biography of one of the […]

Gallimaufry with Bar Graphs

• Learn all about American religious affiliation from the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life — until you get to us. We are in the “Other Faiths” category under (sigh) “New Age.” Notice how the Jews and Hindus score highest in education, the evangelical Protestants and JW’s lowest. • Utra Press, the publishers of […]

Death of a Chief Druid

Tim Sebastion, chief of the Secular Order of Druids in the UK, died on February 1.He was always in the swirl of controversy around Stonehenge. This site, although dated, gives a feel for how that has gone. His order was formed in 1975 and the acronym was chosen deliberately, or so I have been told. […]

One Druid Down

Fr. William Melnyk, the Episcopal priest in Pennsylvania who was also an active Druid, has resigned.. His wife, Glyn Ruppe-Melnyk, also a Druid and Episcopal priest (no “-ess” allowed), faces disciplinary action. My last post on this issue is here. Notice that the man must suffer more; women lead us into temptation, but a man […]