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Massive 2015 Year-End Link Dump! Something for Everyone!

Some of the links that I saved that never turned into blog posts . . . • The Internet loves quizes, so “What Kind of Witch Would You Be?” (answer: hearth witch). I always suspect that the answer is based on just one question, while the others are there just for fluff and decoration. • […]

Is Your Teen Involved in Shamanism?

I’ve been out in the woods the last few days, so meanwhile, here’s something on the worrisome increase in teen shamanism. Your dog could be a shaman’s helper too.

Pagans, Folklore, and Dogs

Click over to Pagans for Archaeology, where Yewtree interviews Australian Pagan scholar David Waldron, author of Shock! The Black Dog of Bungay: A Study in Local Folklore, about dogs, folklore, and the Pagan revival. I think a key issue for me was that transmission of symbols, images and ideas from the pagan past are very […]

Dark of the Moon

I tend to get into some bad places psychologically when it’s the dark of the Moon and work is not going well. “No one respects me, no one pays any attention to what I say”—that sort of thing. The best cure is to take a dog (who may or may not pay any attention but […]