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When Are You a Grown-up?

It’s a typical lifestyle piece on when men, in particular, become “adults,” but notice the sixth paragraph. Once again, Wicca shows up as the (or a) default Other Religion. I am seeing this more and more.

How Ren Faires Changed the Counterculture

Persons interested in understanding festivals and other “temporary autonomous zones” might find insights in a new book from New York University Press, Well Met: Renaissance Faires and the American Counterculture by Rachel Lee Rubin. From the publisher’s description: In order to understand the meaning of the faire to its devoted participants,both workers and visitors, Rubin […]

Business Opportunity for the Next Generation

Tattoo removal. It‘s starting to take off (pun intended). The psychological motivations for tattoo removal (change of lifestyle and relationship status, changes in body and skin over the years, upward mobility in society and employment, etc.) are a constant, and will lead to an even larger market for tattoo removal than currently exists today. And […]

Pagans Preparing for Collapse

Archdruid John Michael Greer and the Four Quarters Sanctuary figure in this article on “doom time religion.” Based on my limited experience, a strong religious emphasis might hold a communal group together. Otherwise, the people you need are not always the ones who want to live in the commune. The hard workers don’t want to […]

“The Hall of Fame of Unpopular People”

A history and defense of free speech — from an Australian perspective. As Zendo Deb says, it’s worth ten minutes of your time.

Pentagram Pizza for May 18th

• Twelve words for for bloggers, pointed towards people in the medical professions, but likely appropriate for academia as well. • While we are in the workplace, some thoughts from a Psychology Today article on why “diversity training” is a waste of time. Or why good manners are better than rules enforced by bureaucratic idiots. […]

Pentagram Pizza for April 21st

Week-old pizza from the back of the refrigerator … • Here’s an idea for a novel: “two down-on-their-luck entrepreneurs who stumble upon the idea of reviving for-profit idolatry. Selling statues of household gods to the masses, and building a neo-pagan religion around it.” Um, I think that people have been doing this for some time. […]

Pagan Baby Names Go Mainstream?

More Rowans and Sabrinas coming down the road? “Dyan,” however, is not necessarily Pagan. There was this singer-songwriter from Minnesota …

We Did Not Burn the Landowner After All

There is an Anglo-American couple (her from the UK, him from right here) down the road who always have a Bonfire Night party. M. and I bumped into the American half recently, and he said that this year’s “Guy” would be a certain wealthy local hobby-rancher. Having earned his money elsewhere, this guy is busy […]

Thinking about the Zombie Apocalypse

The tremendous growth in the imaginary zombie population amazes me. Maybe, like other bubbles, this one is about to burst. But in the meantime, literary, cinematic, Web, and re-enacted zombification seems to go in two directions. 1. Practice killing the zombies. There were a lot more stages, and to be honest, I lost count of […]