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An Amber Alert from 1284 CE

“Amber alert” defined for readers outside the USA. In five days it will be the 733rd anniversary of the most famous missing children case in Western Europe. What happened to the children of Hamelin, a town (current population about 57,000) in what is today the German state of Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen)? A June 2010 article […]

Looking at Your Polis as a Pagan

A Wiccan email list that I am on recently went through a discussion of teaching “theology” to children. It is one of the perennial questions among contemporary Pagans: teach the kids or let them make up their own minds as adults. Surprisingly, some discussants reported that said adult children-of-Pagans regretted their parents’ hands-off approach. Perhaps […]

The “Horse Boy” and the Shamans

If you saw the 2009  documentary The Horse Boy, about Rowan, the autistic boy who is helped somewhat by horseback riding and by Mongolian shamans, there is more to the story. (There is also a book, The Horse Boy: A Memoir of Healing, published in 2010.) Before it was released as a DVD, the local […]

Pentagram Pizza: It’s Revived Again

¶ At Pagan Square, Rebecca Buchanan rounds up children’s books featuring Norse gods and heroes. ¶ Bright Spiral is an online comic about occult initiation. Trippy and complex. ¶ “Chilled-out multitasking hipster psychics don’t seem so eccentric anymore” and “We are in the middle of an occult revival.” Again. ¶ Green Egg is back as […]

Adolescent Rebellion as “Mental Illness”

At Vice, Molly Crabapple gives an ex-goth girl’s take on “Shooter Boys and At-Risk Girls.” Only she does not really explain the school-shooter phenomenon, though she tries to transition into it at the end. Still, the rest of the essay is excellent. In the post-Sandy Hook rage to blame anything (guns, video games, internet-addicted youth) […]

Last Yuletide News Bits

• This is your brain. This is your brain on Christmas. • “How the Lawyers Stole Winter”  — are we raising kids who can’t cope? No, it’s not Yule-related, directly. Indirectly, yes, I would argue. You have to embrace all of the wheel. • No matter how “imagistic” it may be, Iraqi Christians are afraid […]

What Was Ancient Roman Childhood?

Historian Peter Thonemann reviews books on childhood in the Roman republic and empire in the TLS. A lot is about trying to uncover the Romans’ balance between sentimentality and utility, particularly in the upper classes: House-reared slaves, as Beryl Rawson shows in Children, Memory, and Family Identity in Roman Culture, could play a variety of […]

Five Childhood Archetypes You Don’t See in the Movies

Cracked, now, is better now than when I was in the snarky 13-year-old demographic. Consider this article. Sample: This wasn’t a normal, here’s-my-little-kid-arsenal-that-I-keep-under-the-bed-in-case-of-ninja-attack; the Psychopath had real, honest to God weapons, and nobody knows where or how he got them. He owned swords, small caliber pistols and knives — oh, so many knives. He […]

Pagan Family Website Seeks Writers

From Sarah Whedon at Pagan Families: Pagan Families seeks carefully written contributions on all aspects of Pagan pregnancy and childbirth. Examples of the kind of writing we are seeking include: scripts for conception rituals; theological essays on the ethics of reproduction; prayers to mother goddesses; Pagan sensitivity guides for birth professionals; personal essays on the […]