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You Want “Paganistan”?

Build Paganistan. A floating Paganistan. “Bulletproof Coffee”? I might try that once. In addition to seeing government as just another problem that technology can overcome, Seasteaders try to “hack” every aspect of their existence down to their self-care regimens. Many participate in health and fitness regimes like the Paleo Diet and Crossfit—lifestyles that dovetail nicely […]

Science Cannot Explain Me . . .

. . . or any other left-handed person. Are we “damaged”? Genetically different? Who knows? When I was a student at Reed College, we often fled south to San Francisco at spring break or other times, “itching to get away from Portland, Oregon.” And one day five Reedies squeezed into a booth at the late, […]

Appeals Court Grants Partial Victory in California Chaplain Case

The Ninth Circuit Court has partly upheld the Wiccan challenge (headed by volunteer prison chaplain Patrick McCollum) to California’s “Five Faiths” policy for who gets paid prison chaplains and who does not. Read this helpful blog post from FindLaw and ponder the question, was there a Jewish crime wave in the mid-2000s? Or are the […]

A Goddess-Movement Video with Something Extra

First, although this is not directly about “the Goddess movement,” I want to point out the blogging that Aidan Kelly has been doing, particularly about the history of contemporary Paganism in America, at his Patheos blog, Including Paganism. Another resource is Dancing with Gaia, a video subtitled “Earth Energy, Sacred Sexuality, the Return of the […]

Fields Books to Close on Polk Street and Move Online

The last time that I visited Fields Book Store, San Francisco’s long-time esoteric bookshop (older than the Golden Gate Bridge), was the last time that I was in the city. I can’t remember what I bought — something — and I spent a while skimming the last volume of Mircea Eliade’s journals. Then I heard […]

Brief Interruption in Blogging

M. and I are traveling in Bobos in Paradise country. Yesterday I was walking up the street and a man pulled over and in a foreign accent that I could not quite place asked me how to get to Pebble Beach. As it happened, I knew. And I don’t play golf. Back to reality next […]

Water Temples of California

At the BF Photo blog, via Roberta X, a photo essay on California water temples. Bay Area readers, does anyone use these temples for bioregional ritual purposes?

Pagan Studies Conference Timed for Pantheacon

Announcement of a new conference: Pagans in Dialogue with the Wider World: A Pagan Studies Symposium Friday, February 15, 2013 at San José State University (semi-concurrent with PantheaCon, February 15-18, 2013, DoubleTree Hotel, San Jose, California) Sponsored by San José State University, Humanities Dept., Comparative Religious Studies Program. Organizers: Lee Gilmore (SJSU) & Amy Hale […]

9th Claremont Pagan Studies Conference

Conference on Current Pagan Studies: Pagan Sensibilities in Action January 26 & 27, 2013, Claremont, California Call for Papers  This year we will focus on Pagan Sensibilities in Action. We welcome papers that discuss how our pagan perspectives manifest as our lived experiences in artistic expression, personal and collective practice, the manner in which we […]

Babies, Bathwater, and the Reclaiming Community

Of all American Witchcraft traditions, Reclaiming seems to be the most prone to self-criticism. Perhaps that is because, as Anne Hill writes in her brief blog-memoir, The Baby and the Bathwater, there was always much conflict over different visions for Reclaiming. What started with one foot in the Faery/Faerie/Feri Witchcraft tradition of Victor and Cora […]