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Christians Attacking Pagan Temples — Now It’s Brazil

Reading Galina Krasskova’s blog a few days ago, I was surprised to see the headlines “One can always expect a monotheist to behave according to type,” and “A Candomble priest martyred for Jesus.”1)Shouldn’t that read, “Martyred by Followers of Jesus”? But the text clarifies it: “Álisson stood fast in devotion to the Orixa and was butchered […]

Umbanda, Evangelicals, and Gay Marriage

A report from Public Radio International on the Brazilian Spiritist religion of Umbanda focuses on a same-sex couple and conflicts with evangelical Christians.

Is Paganism Doomed?

No, this is not the judgment of one of the usual (Pagan) suspects. It is a tangent spun off a column by Rod Dreher, who comments frequently on ecclesiastical matters. He was raised a southern Protestant, converted to Roman Catholicism, left that church over the sex-abuse scandals, and is now an Orthodox Christian — although […]

The Ayahuasca Jungle Village

A visit to an intentional community devoted to Santo Daime, more often known as the entheogenic drug ayahuasca, complete with authoritarian spiritual leader and chorus of virgins.