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Pentagram Peach and Other Good Reads

1. From a regular reader in Kyoto comes the link to this giant bronze peach marked with a pentagram. It is part of the Seimei Jinja Shrine, dedicated to a tenth-century wizard and astrologer. Pentagrams everywhere! 2. John Beckett writes on the “aesthetic of witchcraft,” which has cycled around again as fashions do: For the […]

In Which I Go on Vacation

Yes, an actual vacation, nine time zones away — and no laptop computer. Giving up the MacBook was like giving up alcohol and caffeine. It meant that I could not work on writing or editing; therefore, I was truly on vacation. What was left was the tried and true —notebooks for writing a travel journal […]

“Hardscrabble Creek’s” Subscriptions Are Changing

After experimenting with ReadyGraph’s “User Base” feature, I have decided I don’t like it. I just hate pop-up windows. Maybe you do too. When I checked the blog on my iPhone, the sign-up window dominated the view. So I have deleted the code and plug-in and am just using the simple WordPress email-sign up form, […]

Blogging Break Over, Book Stuff Ahead

I have taken a brief and unwanted break from blogging, but I hope that it is over. First the MacBook Pro that I use for writing and blogging developed a weird, possibly demonic (or daemonic) directory corruption that flummoxed even the specialists up at Voelker Research. About the same time, my desk/computer chair broke, which […]

Animist Blog Carnival: Human Mating & Dating

Heather Awen has the summaries and links. The Human Dating & Mating issue of the ABC gave me concerns from the beginning. I chose the topic because I do not know right relationship is with those with whom we have sex and romance. Animism is all about right relationship. Although I expected most writers to […]

Animist Blog Carnival: Death and the Blogger

This month’s Animist Blog Carnival is up. The theme is “death.” I am represented by something from Southern Rockies Nature Blog.

Why Academics Should Blog

(with examples from religious studies) Mark Goodacre at NT Blog makes the argument for blogging’s benefits, part of a series of blogger responses (links in his post): I sometimes wonder whether one should think of publication as being on a continuum, from tweets to blogs to critical notes to articles to introductory books to monographs. […]

Around the Pagan Blogosphere

• At The Used Key Is Always Bright, a young boy’s dream of “small gods” intriguingly includes “the god of keys.” • Ivo Dominguez deals with someone who thinks that His People own the idea of four directions, the elements, etc. Via Miniver Cheevy, where there is a postscript. • Christopher Penzcak talks about the Mighty […]

Now We Are Ten

Ten years ago, I started a blog using Blogger’s FTP service to my own domain, which you cannot do any more. Blogs were the cool new thing. If you go back and look at the archives (sidebar, scroll down past the blogroll), you will find that my concerns then looked a lot like my concerns […]

Publisher Drops Suits Against Blogging Librarian

A  university librarian who described Edwin Mellen Press on his blog as “dubious” and as offering “second-class scholarship” was sued in turn by the press, but the lawsuit has now been dropped. The lawsuits inspired scholars from around North America to rally behind Askey. Created by Martha Reineke, a professor of religion at the University […]