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The Eagles of Candlemas, continued

The first part is here. As I wrote earlier this week, M. and I celebrated Candlemas by going to Eagle Days down at the state park by Pueblo Reservoir.  (Chamber of Commerce types want you to say “Lake Pueblo.”) Scheduling a festival around raptors is a little iffy; you can expect sandhill cranes, for instance, […]

The Eagles of Candlemas

Paganism is not the religion of the polis, but the polis (loosely defined) can support your Paganism. For the last two days, my Facebook feed has been filling up with people posting electronic clip art to the theme of “Happy Bridget / Imbolc / Candlemas.” Me, I spent three hours today enjoying quality time with […]

Blog Carnival of Animism

The August animist blog carnival had the there of Birds, and you can find it linked on Animist Jottings here. There is quite a bit there, so go visit.

Looking at Birds, Listening to Birds

July 1st started out well and then rapidly went downhill as I got the news about the Granite Mountain Hotshots on the Yarnell Fire in Arizona. By the 2nd, I was so drained from constantly accessing news videos, etc., that I had to get away, and so I went fishing. I wanted to try to […]