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The Young Woman Who Personified Everything

Back when it was a print zine and not an (all too irregular) blog, John Yohalem’s Enchanté had some articles on “gods of the city”—architectural and sculptural representations of the Olympian deities and other Neoclassical figures. Somewhere in there, perhaps, were sculptures based on a young woman named Audrey Munson. Dreamy and pale, slender and […]

Abstract Expressionism, Cool Jazz, and the CIA

This is not a new topic, but many people still do not realize how much the Central Intelligence Agency, through various fronts (cooperative or fake foundations, for example), influenced the artistic movements during the peak of the Cold War years—the 1950s and 1960s. For example, Abstract Expressionist painters like Jackson Pollock got huge boosts  through […]

The City Dionysia in Colorado Springs.

“Just when you thought you knew what Colorado Springs was all about,” commented a poster on one of the Colorado Pagan email lists. It was the City Dionysia festival, complete with a performance of Euripides’ The Bacchae. There is, of course, a Facebook page, where you can see some photos. I missed it by going […]

Magical Women

A series of portraits by British Columbia artist Linda Macfarlane, some of individuals in the Western occult tradition (e.g. Maud Gonne), others of representative types. (The Wikipedia entry, however, skips over Gonne’s involvement with ceremonial magic.) Via The Galloway Chronicles. UPDATE: As discussed in the comments, Geocities is gone, and so is this site.

Gallimaufry with Gray Matter

• Ten myths about the brain. • Paganistan gets a designated blogger in the Examiner network, Murph Pizza. • A “prehistoric pin-up”? Archaeological video from the journal Nature.

Fundie art and sex

I knew Jeff Sharlet from Killing the Buddha and his great Harper’s piece on New Life Church in Colorado Springs. It turns out that he has a quirky personal blog too: Call Me Ishmael. Check out his comments on Christian fundamentalist art. My tentative theory: As religious art traditionally uses eroticism to channel worldly desires […]

The Rehabilitation of Rosaleen Norton

Back in the 1950s, the artist and occultist Rosaleen Norton was the witchcraft scene in Australia, at least according to some of the older books I have read. Her relationship with Sir Eugene Goosens, conductor of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, was a scandal, as were her paintings, some of which were confiscated as indecent. Now […]

Lose Yourself Here

The Internet Sacred Text Archive is an amazing place. Recent additions include the complete corpus of Anglo-Saxon poetry, in Old English, of course. (Time to dig out my undergraduate copy of Bright’s Old English from Prof. Harper’s class.) Thanks to Language Hat for the link. You were wondering if they had Pagan texts. Yes, they […]