Central American Pagans, Wicca and #MeToo, and Good Writing

• Costa Rica now has a Pagan presence: Asatru, Witches, and Druids:

Think paganism [sic], and you probably don’t think of a conservative, Catholic-majority country in Central America. But Costa Rica, with its beautiful beaches and tropical charm, is emerging as an unlikely base for a growing pagan movement battling stereotypes and discrimination to assert its distinct identity. Denied the status of adhering to an official religion, pagans here have long been pushed to the fringes of society. Now, they’re pushing back, and publicly.

• I was interviewed for this article last January or February. The writer said she was a student at Columbia University, and all that she was interested in was Wicca-as-empowering-young women. (Too bad for the headline that #MeToo has had its fifteen minutes of fame.) Oh well, it’s good to see The Pomegranate name-checked in the New York Times.

• I find The Wild Hunt less and less interesting these days as a venue for Pagan culture — except when Eric Scott’s writing appears in it. Then it’s good. CORRECTION: The piece was by Luke Babb. My error. It’s still good! (I blame the influences of the Undisclosed Location.)

3 thoughts on “Central American Pagans, Wicca and #MeToo, and Good Writing

  1. Robert Mathiesen

    As for the Wild Hunt nowadays, Chas, I am in complete agreement. I simply wrote it off a few months back, though when Eric Scott shows up, I still go there to read him. But the over-all management, i.e. choice of topics and writers, has killed it for me. I used to go there for a steady diet of thought-provoking, controversial articles. They haven’t had very many of those for a great many months.

  2. I should say that, while I appreciate the shout-out, “Triptych” was by our newest writer, Luke Babb! They’ll be writing for us every month going forward, so keep any eye out for their work too.

    1. You are right, of course. My mistake. That’s what happens when I’m off in an alternate reality, hanging out with my alt-real friends as part of the alternative-reality-based community.

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