New Pomegranate Published

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Issue 16:2 of The Pomegranate: The International Journal of Pagan Studies has now been published online, with print copies coming soon.

The publisher does charge for articles (but try to see if your library can get them), although book reviews are free downloads.


“Deepening Conversations between Ritual Studies and Pagan Studies”
Michelle Mueller

“Becoming a Virtual Pagan: ‘Conversion’ or Identity Construction?”
James R. Lewis

“Prevalence and Importance of Contemporary Pagan Practices”
Gwendolyn Reece

“The Search for ‘Meaning’: Occult Redefinitions and the Internet:
Morandir Armson

“Healing Community: Pagan Cultural Models and Experiences in Seeking Well-Being:
Kimberly D. Kirner

Book reviews by Melissa Harrington, Jason Mankey, Daniel Foor, Christopher Chase, Ronald Hutton, and Sarah Veale.


  1. Robert Mathiesen says:

    Our library (Brown U.) gets the electronic version through ATLA/Ebsco, but the last year we can access is volume 15. (The same is true at, e.g., Harvard.) Is Pomegranate no longer working with ATLA/Ebsco, but some other provider of e-journals? Or is something else keeping us from reading the last two volumes on line?

    • Chas Clifton says:

      I thought that we were indexed by ATLA. I will pass your question up to the publisher level, since I do not have anything to do with databases and subscriptions.

  2. Robert Mathiesen says:

    OOps, the last year we can access is volume 14. My typo …

    • Chas Clifton says:

      Databases sometimes embargo the most recent volume of a journal. Vol. 15 was a double issue that came out last year. I wonder, therefore, if these people are waiting until Vol. 16 is in print and indexed before making Vol. 15 accessible.

  3. Robert Mathiesen says:

    Thanks, Chas. I would like to hear what the publisher tells you. And I’ll ask around in the library here, too, once the snow is less and it’s safe to drive anywhere. Maybe it’s an ATLA thing.