Archaeologists Find Secret to Norse Sunstone?

This might be one of those “But we already knew that!” deals, but French archaeologists think that they have an actual example in hand of a “sunstone,” said to be used by the Norse to navigate in cloudy weather.

This one, however, comes from a Tudor-era shipwreck. Same principle though.

(LDS historians and scholars, this is not about you.)

2 thoughts on “Archaeologists Find Secret to Norse Sunstone?

  1. Sunstones – I am not talking about clear crystal-like stones similar to large chunks of Amber, but the type of stone put together by Picts – that I’m talking about, that when orientated (in a certain way) on a boat, show the ‘lay’ where the land is to Larboard or Port. It cannot tell you the distance to the Land but it can tell you where it is in relation to you (or the Sunstone). These are scattered across Britain disguised as something else (I’ll not say what, since people – Archaeologists will go out looking for them) and claim them for their Museum or University (Alma Mater) on the premise that its for the good of Education – whatever that is! Basically Grave-Robbing Archaeologists – out to get something for nothing on the fine workmanship and backs of our Ancestors, and making a name for themselves (Egocentric Accademics)!

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