D&D in Ptolemaic Egypt

What were they doing with 20-sided dice? Here is one speculation:

The symbols for eta, theta, and epsilon can be clearly seen. Maybe it was used to determine which frat the ancients were going to pledge, but I’d like to think it was used to roll for hit points for warrior and sphinx classes. Now all we need is for someone to 3D-model this so we can print it out and make up our own ancient Egyptian version of D&D.

I suspect some kind of divination tool myself.


  1. Pitch313 says:

    It’s probably the type ball from an early steam-powered typewriter…or maybe an Arcturan oscillation overthruster used to get the Pyramids out of the 8th dimension…

  2. Medeine Ragana says:

    I’ll ask my D&D pagan friends… Sure they’ll come up with a good explanation. 🙂

  3. […] The obvious joke here is to suggest that this is evidence of an ancient cabal of Dungeons and Dragons aficionados (who presumably lived in their mater’s basement—Zing!). However, Chas Clifton has suggested a much more likely reason for the dice: use in divination. […]

  4. Kailee says:

    I wonder if they’ll think the same of our gaming dice in 1000 years.

  5. Kailee says:

    in the meantime, chock it up to the old archeological standard for “we have no bloody clue”- Ritual Use