You always Hear about the Witch’s Broom…

. . . but rarely about the witch’s dustpan. Some interesting costuming from the 1870s at Sexy Witch.


  1. Pitch313 says:

    I took a look at this Sexy Witch blog post the other day, but didn’t give it much thought until you mentioned the dust pan.

    According to the Wikipedia entry, the dustpan as we know it was invented by an American in 1858. Brooms, of course, go back for millenia, So what this tintype displays is the juxtaposition of the figure of the “ancient” witch with new and up-to-date technology–even if that technology is the dustpan.

    As a magical tool, we usually associate the broom with Air. I guess as a tool, we could associate the dustpan with Earth.

  2. Pitch313 says:

    At, there’s an image of a cat in a witch hat flying in a dustpan. Some folks, some artists, feel a connection…